Friday, July 25, 2008

stay true to your first post.

lets talk about humor. this whole theory will tie right into sequentialism (manifesto coming soon.) ok, if it wasnt 2am i would have presented this post as an example in itself. fuck that, no time to craft; behold meat and potatoes. no desert.

laughing is a submissive act. you acknowledge something to have either exceeded an expectation or flipped it on its ear. the laugh is the reflex i guess. "a mind that is stretched to a new idea never returns to its original dimension." -oliver wendle holmes or someone. i think humor is just that, a stretch or a shock. hopefully you, being an artist of some sort, are adept at both the stretching and the shock. remember you are an arbiter of taste, act accordingly.

jokes are recycled more than songs on the radio, which is funny because it has the opposite effect. anyway, when people talk, in general, they are really just saying, "i like you. dont you like me?" its seems to be the subtext of a lot of conversations. you dont really care about someones day, you just want to know how they feel about you. you wait to drop a reference while the other person goes on about some sitcom you both watched together the night before. there is no real communication, no learning, no thought, just emotions. "its not important what you rap about but how you flip it." -aesop rock, which is weird of him to say. emotional response hinges less on content and more on delivery. well, thats the common conception.

more tomorrow. shock humor is juvenile. todd is the key.