Thursday, May 31, 2007

a good start.

i have no real solid process to speak of. if i can keep from daydreaming, talking, or getting bored than i can come up with one that works for that particular day. all i know is that i have to be rediculously comfortible which includes frequent smoke breaks. i can regurgitate basic fundimentals of design but i dont seem to intentionally use them. i gave them their fair shot but before that i think you need to nail down a personality. then again some graphic shape heavy designs kinda point you into a direction. if you have a certain tendencies, break em. in the beginning you want the freshest eye possible because thatll fall apart after an hour or two. hopefully you get enough ideas out to have something to work with. do whatever you have to do to have fun with it. if you are serious about making something good then youll find what keeps you inspired. i think eddie fitzergerald once said something like," if you dont have fun with your what youre doing then no one will."

once you have some idea of what you want, or where things seem to be going, start asking questions. if its a character then draw some situations that the character would run into. who are their enemies, have you met someone like this before, what music, food, clothing, hobbies do they listen eat wear have. i like finding the nemesis right off the bat. go back and forth from graphic shapes to story until its not making anymore progress, youre done for the day.

if you are uninspired that day then you didnt do your job yesterday. keep your brain stimulated... even then itll happen, which means you will just have to be as thorough as possible with stretching your design and concept until you either find something or run out of time. just run the gamet. fat, old, young, ugly, snaggletoothed, slow. find a redeeming quality and then mix it with said qualities.

whatever you do, dont panic, just be responsible for what you can do that day with what youve got.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

its my blog and ill paint any color i want!

first off, not to burn any bridges, im writing a blog because i have horrible crippling bad habits. i lose hand written notes and i seem to randomly delete anything typed. i would blog on myspace but that creates nothing more than bullshit social pressure. if i didnt grow up with you than you wont make it to my top 8, i dont care how well coffee went that day. so what im trying to say is that this is for me. if you happen to gleem anything from whatever's written here then good. i really dont know what im talking about, im pretty sure of that. my purpose is to keep track of what im thinking so that i may study it later to see where i went wrong. ill post sketches and random rhymes, but mostly theories. im pretentious and a bad speller, fuck you.