Wednesday, May 30, 2007

its my blog and ill paint any color i want!

first off, not to burn any bridges, im writing a blog because i have horrible crippling bad habits. i lose hand written notes and i seem to randomly delete anything typed. i would blog on myspace but that creates nothing more than bullshit social pressure. if i didnt grow up with you than you wont make it to my top 8, i dont care how well coffee went that day. so what im trying to say is that this is for me. if you happen to gleem anything from whatever's written here then good. i really dont know what im talking about, im pretty sure of that. my purpose is to keep track of what im thinking so that i may study it later to see where i went wrong. ill post sketches and random rhymes, but mostly theories. im pretentious and a bad speller, fuck you.

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