Monday, June 11, 2007

cigarette breaks

i think that one of the most important things that you need to keep an eye on is how youre doing in your head. its not something thats taught to you in school, thats for sure. what i mean is, keep your perspective in check. sometimes youll find yourself in a funk and dont know why or, more importantly, how to fix it. funks are dangerous because they tend to become a vicious cycle. usually it means one of two things. first, you are not thinking about what you are doing. (you must try harder) its easy to turn your mind off and turn on autopilot and cruise through the day. im not going to place any kind of good or bad judgement on that but if you dont watch out your mistakes will catch up to you. oh, youll make mistakes, lots of em. the second thing is that youll lose track of your orignal goal and most likely become bored. that's the worst kind of cycle. you can push through a bad drawing day if you really want to but only if theres some pressing reason for it. so you have to learn to keep your goals at the forefront of your brain.

ive found that speaking to yourself works. in the car, on the way to school or whatever, explain outload what you are doing there. "ok, i want to do character design, im paying alot of money for this education, i need to have so-and-so look at my work, write down whatever changes i should make, i want to do at least 8 hours of work today, if i do then ill sleep better." thats another thing, you dont need to have an awe inspiring speech everyday, you are just trying keep focused.

sometimes, you need to fake it till youve got it. just assume you are the best and expect nothing less from yourself. if you are not running in fifth gear then you are wasting time. keep assuming thats theres a better solution to your drawing or backstory and believe that you are able to find it. DO NOT put caps on your ablity. if something is not working then you will just have to spend more time on it, DONT QUIT! remember, do whatever you have to to get the best final image. if you are focused on that then usually you will know what to do in most confusing situations.

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